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To the cat who is living in my apartment...

Dear Cat,

Why do you insist on biting my ankles every morning?  I am aware of your presence and I understand you want my attention, but must you gnaw on my foot till you reach the bone every morning?  My feet would appreciate your cooperation as well. 

The other person living in the apartment (the one with the bloody foot)

P.S.  Could you please stop eating,destroying, or otherwise shredding the used q-tips that are in the trash.  It might help with the bad breath you have.

Dear Cat,

If you bite me one more time I might accidentally kick you out the door.

Respectfully Yours,
The Left Foot

Dear over sized human living in my home that I never invited over,

Get the fuck OUT.

The King a.k.a. The Cat

P.S. I have 9 lives Left Foot, what about you?
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